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Seedlings are available for pick-up only at our farm and plant sales in the Pioneer Valley from mid to late-May. We DO NOT SHIP seedlings at this time. Please do not order if you cannot pick up within that time frame. Enter your pick up date and location here: . All refunds take out a 5% admin fee. No refunds after May 1. 

3.5” pot, Verbascum thapsus or olympicum 

Mullein is one of the premier cough and respiratory remedies of the Europrean tradition. It is particularly used for a dry and irritable cough. Mullein opens the lungs, reduces coughing and tightness, lubricates the mucosa, relaxes the larynx, opens the sinuses and creates a feeling of openness in the head. Mullein also has an influence on the nerves and the mind. It has a calming effect on inflamed and irritated nerves.

We pick the leaves in the spring. The leaves are most often dried and used in tea in combination with other herbs. We also tincture them fresh to use in respiratory formulas.

Around late June every year our second year mullein plants shoot up tall stalks filled with yellow flowers. They bloom for a bit, then fall off, and more buds along the stalk start to flower so we have a many months long succession of blooms at the farm. In the fall we harvest the root.

Mullein will spread prolifically if allowed to go to seed. 

View Sawmill’s Herb Profile for more information. 

Plant hardiness in MA: Biennial

Light preference: Sun

Plant spacing: 18”

Plant height: 60” or more

Soil requirements: Dry, well-drained 

Harvest notes: Leaf, flower and root

Photo credit: Sawmill Herb Farm

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