Ordering Fresh Herbs for Non-members

Thank you for your interest in ordering fresh herbs with us. If you are interested in biweekly or monthly orders of fresh herbs please visit our CSA page to see if it’s the right fit for you. Otherwise, read on to learn how to order fresh herbs if you are not a member of our CSA. 

Steps to Order in Detail

1. Check out the calendar and know the dates for your pick up location 

Check out this calendar for CSA distribution dates.

Orders should be placed between Wednesday and Sunday of the week prior to the week of pick up or delivery. This is because our availability list is updated on Wednesdays.

If there are any questions about your order it's better to order by Friday so that we have time to communicate with you regarding any issues.

NYC / Boston: Pickups are every two weeks at several locations and are only every four weeks at others. View the link below for details.

Store pick up location options and dates can be viewed here.

Shipped via UPS: Orders are shipped every two weeks and are listed on the calendar as Farm to Door. 

Montague: Pickups at the farm in Montague are available every week on Wednesdays. Please order by the Sunday prior to pickup.

Florence: Pickups are every two weeks. You can view the above links for date details.

2. Place your order between Wednesday and Sunday the week prior to delivery. Add the Non-Member Item to your cart.

Visit www.sawmillherbfarm.com/herbcsa to place your order. Add the item "*NON-MEMBERS ADD PICKUP LOCATION TO CART” and choose your pickup location. There is a delivery charge for picking up at all off farm locations. 

Details for Shipping via UPS (every two weeks)

For shipping via UPS in the northeast region, there is a $25 base shipping charge, which you will need to manually add to your cart via the Non-Member item. 

Orders are shipped with ice packs in a non insulated cardboard box.  Please use the tracking number and unpack immediately upon delivery. 

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE NORTHEAST please expect that the actual shipping amount will come to higher than $25 and we will need to bill you for the additional shipping cost. The $25 charge is for shipping via UPS Ground, which is generally 2 days in the northeast / new england area. Due to the fragility of fresh herbs we will not ship outside the northeast except with expedited shipping, which generally comes to $60+. If you live outside the region, please expect that your actual shipping charges will be $60+ and do not order unless you are prepared to pay for shipping.

UPS Ground generally takes two days to arrive, however it is not guaranteed by UPS and we do not offer refunds on herbs or shipping if shipment takes longer than expected. Please consider this before placing an order and email us with questions.

3. Email us

After placing your order (or before if you have any questions) email us to confirm pick up date and location. 

4. Pick up your order

Make sure to pick up your order on the date and location specified. Host shops are not obligated to hang onto any late pickups and we do not offer refunds for orders that are not picked up. 

5. Enjoy!

The herbs have been lovingly grown and harvested for you - please enjoy!