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Experience seasonal wellness with fresh, locally-grown healing plants

We understand how challenging it is to find high quality ingredients for medicine making, cooking, and other projects. We know that the quality of the final product is very dependent on the quality of the plants. At Sawmill Herb Farm, our herbs are grown in soil tended to with thoughtful and certified organic farming practices.  Save money, boost your health, and practice making your own medicine and food at home with the freshest ingredients possible. That immune syrup you’ve been buying at the store for $20 a bottle? As a CSA member you have access to all of the ingredients you need – why not try making it yourself with elecampane root, thyme, mullein leaf and elder flower?  

After a season with us your pantry will be full of homemade teas, tinctures, oils, salves, vinegars and dried herbs for cooking.     

New to using herbs? Before every share we send out an e-newsletter with info about the herbs, recipes and other resources to help you make the most of your share. Many of our members return year after year as they expand their apothecaries and pantries.

Our fresh herb shares are composed of a diverse assortment of fresh medicinal and culinary herbs ready for home use. From roots to shoots to leaves and flowers, we grow an ever diversifying variety of herbs using sustainable and certified organic practices on our land in Montague or are respectfully wild-harvested in fields, forests, hills and valleys.

Shares are available for pick up in the Pioneer Valley, Boston-area, New York City or shipped via our Farm to Door share. 

Included in your share…

  • 5 bunches of fresh herbs of your choosing, based on what’s in season
  • Weekly E-newsletter with recipes and tips on using your herbs
  • Option to purchase additional fresh and dried herbs and add them to your share
  • Customize your share from 120+ herb varieties – check out the crop calendar for the full list
  • Invitations to our community work days – get your hands dirty and meet other members!
  • Bi-weekly (Full share) or Monthly (Half share) pickups
  • 20% off Sawmill Workshops
  • 10% off the Sawmill Somatic Herbalism Apprenticeship

How to Join our CSA:

1. Choose your share size 

Full or half share? (More info about share size in our FAQ page)

2. Choose your pick up location & checkout

See the details here for NYC, Montague, Florence and Boston

3. Enjoy fresh herbs!

Pick up every 2 or 4 weeks throughout the season

Spring Add-on Box

Excited to get spring herbs like stinging nettle, cleavers, garlic mustard, japanese knotweed and more? Check out our spring add-on option.

Extra Member Perks

Enjoy some benefits of being a member thanks to our collaborators:

  • 10% for members shopping at Bronx Witch HQ on pick up days
  • 10% off for members shopping at Curio Spice Co on pick up days
  • 15% off for members shopping at Sacred Vibes Apothecary on pick up days


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