Herbal infused honeys are simple to make and as you might guess, extremely delicious! They not only make for a great sweet treat but are also a nice way to add extra medicinal content to your honey. Honey can also be used to pack wounds so adding wound healing herbs such as calendula or comfrey makes them even more potent.


Its best to use dry herbs as the moisture content of fresh herbs is more likely to lead to spoilage. Simply pack a jar full of dry herbs (cut into small pieces to increase surface area) of your choice and pour honey over them, cover and let sit for 2-4 weeks. Feel free to alter the ratio of herbs to honey for a stronger or lighter flavor. We recommend raw and local honey as it has the most potent medicine, containing beneficial enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients and helps with allergy resistance to your local environment. You can also lightly heat the honey to help fully incorporate the herbs, speed up or initiate the process. However the beneficial properties of honey is denatured at 98.60F so be careful not to overheat. Flipping the jar upside down, stirring and shaking also help fully incorporate the herbs into the honey. Once the honey is ready to use you can either strain the herbs out or simply leave them in, which is easier and less of a mess! Lightly heating the honey before straining can be helpful. Be resourceful, if you strain the herbs use them as well, enjoy as a candy or use in tea. Honey is stable so no refrigeration necessary.


A few herbs that make amazingly delicious honeys: tulsi, rose, ashwagandha, lavender and sage. Try single herb honeys or combinations. Experiment and have fun!