Herb Profile: Arnica

ArnicaArnica chamissonis 

Arnica is an excellent herb used primarily externally for injuries, bruises, aches or strains where the skin is not broken. Arnica is considered to be toxic for internal use unless taken in minute or homeopathic doses.


Preparations: Arnica Oil

To make an oil infusion with the fresh flowers, lightly pack the fresh flowers into a glass jar. Cover the herbs with oil pushing them down as you pour in the oil, be sure all plant material is covered by the oil even if this means increasing the ratio of oil to plant. Cover the jar loosely and allow oil and herbs to steep for 1 moon cycle, about 4 weeks before straining. Check regularly and add more oil as needed, the flowers should always be covered with oil. Strain using cheesecloth or muslin into a clean jar, label and use externally for injuries.



Unsafe for internal use except in minute or homeopathic doses.



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