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Spring Share

We are offering a one-time box of fresh spring herbs for pickup in Brooklyn, the Pioneer Valley, Cambridge (MA) and Pawtucket (RI).  You do not have to be a member of the CSA to purchase the herbs and we are offering it as an add-on box to the CSA for current members (some of the spring tonic herbs are only around for a short time in spring!).

Get your box here!

The pickup is Thursday May 3th at any of these locations

  • Radicle Herb Shop, Brooklyn
  • Remedies Herb Shop, Brooklyn
  • Curio Spice Shop, Cambridge
  • Sawmill Herb Farm, Florence
  • Farm Fresh RI, Pawtucket ( Wednesday May 2nd delivery!)

For our Brooklyn locations, we need at least five boxes purchased at each to make our deliveries, so we may need to combine pickups into the more popular site. You can purchase a box here or by emailing us at

How it works: Purchase your box by April 28th. We will send out the link where you can choose your herbs around April 26th.  Herbs need to be chosen by Sunday night April 29th. Pick up your herbs at your chosen location from 11 – 7 pm on Thursday May 3rd or for the Farm Fresh RI location from 3-6 pm on Wednesday May 2nd.

Whats available (may change as the date approaches): stinging nettle, cleavers, garlic mustard, japanese knotweed root, japanese knotweed shoots, chives, catnip, chickweed, yellow dock root, echinacea root, dandelion leaf and root.

If you are a member of the fresh herb CSA, you will likely have an opportunity to get some of these herbs in the main season, like the japanese knotweed, dandelion and burdock roots in the fall and chives and catnip, but this is likely the only opportunity to get spring plants like nettle, cleavers, garlic mustard, knotweed shoots and chickweed. You choose any combination of 5, for example, you can choose 3 big bags of nettles and 2 of cleavers, and you can add-on extras if you like.

Questions? Email us at

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