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Welcome to the Fresh Herb CSA! Place your orders on this page by Saturday evening. 

Ordering details:

Check out our availability list below, it can take several seconds to load. Choose which herbs you’d like by selecting on the herb and then selecting it as a “CSA Share” item or you can choose to purchase additional by selecting the “Add-on” option (for roots –  add-ons are listed by the weight). When you do that you’ll see the price. The “CSA Share” option is for members only (and members of the Spring add-on share).

You may choose 5 “CSA Share” herbs (any combination) as part of your share. For any additional items you’ll need to purchase them by selecting the “add-on” option.

Make sure to add the pickup location of your choice to your cart (its the first item on the product list) before checking out. You’ll receive an auto-confirmation email if your order went through.

FAQ: How much is a “bunch” of fresh nettles or mullein etc? We generally go for a large couple of handfuls for each bunch.

More questions? Check out our logistics page.

Notes on the herbs:

Violets – mostly leaf, might be some flower in there too. This is our first year offering violet leaf, and we are limiting it to 1/share. It may arrive dirty. this is a low growing plant and tends to not look supermarket perfect

Dandelion root – small bunches, limited to 1/share

Stinging nettle – really does sting! a CSA share quantity is about 1/2 lb

Garlic mustard – in the tall, starting to bud/flower stage

Woad – offering the leaf this spring. read more about this plant here. we may offer the root in the future, but might not depending on how the plant grows this year.

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