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Welcome to the Fresh Herb CSA! Place your orders on this page by Sunday evening. 

Ordering details:

Check out our availability list below, it can take several seconds to load. Choose which herbs you’d like by selecting on the herb and then selecting it as a “CSA Share” item or you can choose to purchase additional by selecting the “Add-on” option (for roots –  add-ons are listed by the weight). When you do that you’ll see the price. The “CSA Share” option is for members only.

You may choose 5 “CSA Share” herbs (any combination) as part of your share. For any additional items you’ll need to purchase them by selecting the “add-on” option.

Make sure to add your pickup location to your cart (its the first item on the product list) before checking out. You’ll receive an auto-confirmation email if your order went through.

FAQ: How much is a “bunch” of fresh nettles or mullein etc? We generally go for a large couple of handfuls for each bunch.

More questions? Check out our logistics page.

Not a member? That’s ok, you can still order – check out this page for more info.

SPECIAL DEAL FOR THIS WEEK: Bulk fresh lemon balm, catnip and spearmint are on sale by the pound. These are in peak condition and we are offering a sale on them for anyone interested in drying or making medicine with larger quantities

Some notes on the plants:

New this week: spilanthes, purslane, echinacea blossoms, parsley, chocolate mint, sweet annie, green shiso, blue vervain and anise hyssop

Wood betony – might be the last week for it for awhile – mostly flowering tops
spilanthes – mix of leaf, stem and flowers – use all parts, and will arrive dirty
marshmallow tops – leaf and flower
blue vervain – leaf and flowering tops
Calendula – Order sizes are generally a little brown bag of flowers. 
Mullein flower – bag of flowers on the stem. use the open and starting to open blossoms. 
California poppy – use all parts. May need to be substituted last minute by us if the storm causes the flowers to fall off. Read this short article to get acquainted with it. 
Wild grape leaf – check out this great blog post 
Tulsi / Holy Basil -This week we have three different varieties available – Temperate, Rama and Vana. We suggest trying them all

How to tell the difference between mugwort, wormwood, sagebrush and sweet annie? They are all of the Artemisia genus and look similar-ish. The easiest visual difference is that wormwood is very silver/gray in color throughout the plant whereas mugwort has green leaf tops and white/silver under the leaves. We have two types of sagebrush that have grown into one clump together and are both white and silvery gray in color, but tend to be whiter than wormwood and have less rounded leaf lobes. Wormwood has a much stronger bitter flavor generally.  Sweet annie is bright green and has a very distinctive sweet smell that makes it easy to differentiate from the others. As for other tasting notes, you’ll have to try both and see for yourself!

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