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CSA Members: Choose your 5 herbs by Sunday evening!  To pick your herbs, choose 5 of the “CSA Share” herbs which are listed at $0.

You can purchase additional herbs for your share by adding “Add-on” herbs to your cart. Email us with questions. Please add your pickup location to your cart too. Click on “page 2” and “page 3” for more herb choices!

Non-members: You are welcome to purchase herbs here. Herbs available for purchase start with “Add-on” or are listed by the pound. Please include pickup location in your cart.

Notes on the herbs:

About the roots: We partly chop and spray off all the roots to remove most but not all of the dirt. A lot of the roots look alike, so depending on the composition of each persons share, we will either bag up individual roots or band them together with a paper label. How much is “one” unit of each root? The weights vary but generally larger quantities in the 1/3-pound range include marshmallow, elecampane and echinacea, while we give out dandelion, chicory, comfrey and ashwagandha in smaller quantities (aiming for around 1/5 to 1/4 pound depending). Ginger and turmeric will be around 1/3 lb.

black walnut comes as 6 walnuts

madder root – not for internal use but to be used a natural dye for reddish and orangish hues

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