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CSA Members: Choose your 5 herbs by Sunday evening!  To pick your herbs, choose 5 of the “CSA Share” herbs which are listed at $0.

You can purchase additional herbs for your share by adding “Add-on” herbs to your cart. Email us with questions. Please add your pickup location to your cart too. Click on “page 2” for more herb choices!

Notes on the herbs:

lobelia bunches are small

garlic comes as 5 small to medium sized heads.

Calendula comes as around 25 blossoms, or about 1 large handful of flowers, sometimes more depending on abundance. LIMIT 1 bag of calendula per share!!

Fennel – 2 to 3 bulbs depending on size

Jewelweed and comfrey  – will arrive wilted

We have an abundance of spearmint, lemon balm, catnip, anise hyssop and tulsi and are offering a sale on those when you purchase by the pound. Stock up now and dry enough to last you til next season. 

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