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What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a locally-based farming and distribution model for members to join up with a farm and receive shares of the bounty throughout the season.

Why join the Sawmill CSA?

At Sawmill we are growing a large variety of both familiar and exotic organic medicinal and culinary herbs. We offer ongoing opportunities for community involvement and education on community herbalism and whole health including workshops, plant walks, farm work-days and an herbal newsletter. Through these offerings we welcome members of the community to become as engaged as they like with their herbs and share. Our CSA is perfect for those with a range of experience and interests, including:

  • those wanting to build up their home herbal apothecary or culinary pantry
  • herbalists and herbalism students who want access to fresh ingredients for drying and medicine making endeavors
  • beginners new to herbs who want to learn by doing while having the support of an informative newsletter and access to on-farm education

I will be away during one of the pick-up days, can I pick my share up another day?

Yes, please give us a week’s notice. You can either double up for the next distribution, pick-up at another spot that week or have a friend get your share.

What happens if I miss a share without giving notice?

Leftover shares are considered forfeited. For members in Florence and Northampton, we can sometimes leave leftover shares at the farm for you to pick-up the following day, although not guaranteed.

How do I pick up my share?

Members in Florence and Northampton will pick up their shares directly from the farm in Florence on or at the Sawmill tent at the Northampton Tuesday and Amherst Markets. Boston members will pick up shares at the Red Fire Farm vegetable CSA tents at the various sites around Boston. You don’t need to be a Red Fire member to pick up an herb share at their tent (although their veggie shares are great). It is important to pick up your share within the time slot indicated on our site. Red Fire Farm is a separate business and will donate your share after the pick-up time is over.  We will let our members know if changes should occur for their CSA delivery. NYC members pick up at one of the three herb shops that we’ve partnered with.

How much is a bunch?

Bunch sizes vary depending on the herb, quantity available and part of the season. On average each herb bunch retails at $5. To help you plan we will indicate approximate size on the herb selection page.

What herbs are offered to the CSA?

We grow a large variety of herbs for the CSA. Nearly all of the herbs listed on our “Herbs We Grow” page are available to the CSA during the season. There are some perennials that will not be ready for harvest this year, some we are growing experimentally in small numbers and others that might not be available if the crop fails. If you have questions about specific availability, email us.

What does a sample share look like?

Example of a share in:

  • early-June: motherwort, stinging nettle, red clover, comfrey leaf and catnip
  • late-June: calendula flowers, elder flowers, prickly lettuce, st johns wort and spilanthes
  • late-August: blue vervain, goldenrod, boneset, anise hyssop and tulsi
  • early-September: red shiso, horsetail, lemongrass, mugwort and wormwood
  • mid-October: ashwagandha root, marshmallow root, dandelion root, yellow dock root and burdock root


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