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Welcome to the 2018 Roots Harvest!

Our offerings include an assortment of roots and rhizomes to everyone not just CSA members, including – marshmallow, echinacea, yellow dock, burdock, dandelion, turmeric, ginger, horseradish, ashwagandha, chicory and more. We will have some green herbs available too, like mullein, dandelion leaf and plantain.

This coming week will be our last delivery to Cambridge and Brooklyn for the 2018 season and we are opening ordering to the public so that all can enjoy the roots! Please place your orders by this Saturday evening to make our deadline.

Pickup Locations:
Brooklyn / Cambridge 
– Pick up at any of our locations in Brooklyn or at Curio Spice Shop in Cambridge next Thursday (Oct. 18), hours vary by site – see website for more details or at MINKA in Brooklyn on Saturday (Oct. 20). Make sure you can pick up on the specific day/hours before placing your order. 

Pioneer Valley – Pick up at the farm in Florence Oct 24th or at the Northampton Tuesday Market (Oct. 23rd). We may be able to accommodate other pickup days if needed, please email us

To add an herb to your cart, choose from the drop-down menu below each herb for “Add-on” or the poundage desired. The “Add-on” option is listed for green herbs and is a bunch of the herb. The “CSA Share” option is for members only. For any questions email us at Thanks! Please add your pickup location to your cart (its listed as the first item).


About the roots: We partly chop and spray off all the roots to remove most but not all of the dirt.

Notes on the herbs:

Black walnut “Add-on” comes as 6 walnuts

Artichoke leaf “Add-on” is two to three large leaves

Bacopa “Add-on” is a bag of leaves, flowers and stems (use all parts!) – might arrive slightly dirty

Madder root – not for internal use but to be used a natural dye for reddish and orangish hues

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