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Give and receive the gift of an Apothecary Share this season!


Apothecary shares

Welcome to our Apothecary Share, designed to bring balance and support through the changing seasons and help you incorporate herbs into your everyday life.

Each month’s share will have a different theme – focusing on seasonal wellness with products designed to harmonize and balance with the joys and challenges each season brings. Learn new uses and applications for plants both familiar and new while experiencing their therapies firsthand. Connect to nature and the cycling of the seasons while treating yourself to healing and transformative sensory experiences.

What an Apothecary Share looks like:

Every month you will receive one box of lovingly handpicked small batch herbal products made with organic Sawmill Herb Farm plants, each with a unique theme designed to give you the support you need for the season at hand and bring you in closer harmony with nature’s rhythms.

Each month’s box contains four handcrafted products and may contain any of the following: teas, herbal elixirs & seasonal tinctures, digestive bitters, herbal syrups, herbal infused oils, salves & balms, flower essences, herbal honeys & salts along with accompanying educational information detailing relevant herbal wisdom and lore along with tips for staying healthy and vibrant throughout the current season.

Sample share items:

Angelica Digestive Bitters – An amazing digestive aid that just tastes great! Can also be used to spice up mixed drinks

Sereni-Tea Blend – Need we say more? Experience blissful ease and the vibrance of summer in every sip

Tulsi Rose Elixir – Support your heart & feel at ease regardless of what comes your way

Calendula Flower Essence – Harmonize the solar plexus chakra & support balanced communication with the subtle but powerful healing that flower essences offer

Immune Tonic Tincture – Offer deep support to your immune system and keep the bad out

Healing salve – An all purpose reparative aid for healing bumps, bruises, cuts, burns & stings

Why participate in the Apothecary Share?

  • Build your own home apothecary
  • Learn about many healing plants & their uses
  • Take an active role in supporting your health and wellbeing
  • Support your local herb farm & become involved with the herbal community
  • Relax and rejuvenate with the support of healing plants
  • Have remedies on hand when you need them
  • Feel a connection to the cycling of the seasons & earth’s influences within the ebb and flow of our own inner seasons

Subscription details:

Shares are offered in three and six month subscriptions.  The Summer share ships in July, August and September and the Fall share ships in October, November and December. Members can purchase shares in three month increments, or purchase the six month full share for a discount price of $260. A three month subscription is $135. 

Shares are mailed out the end of each month and shipping is additional at $25 per three month share.

Members in the Pioneer Valley can pick up locally at the farm in Florence.

Contact us or visit our FAQ page

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