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Empower yourself with an apothecary that will nourish you in every season.

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Teas, tinctures, elixirs and more!

All of our products are designed to give you the support you need for the season at-hand and bring you into closer harmony with nature’s rhythms.

Our products are available through our website and our tea blends can be purchased in person at Atlas Farm Store.

A sampling of some of our products…

Angelica Digestive Bitters
An amazing digestive aid that just tastes great! Can also be used to spice up mixed drinks

Calm & Clear Tea Blend 
Need we say more? Experience blissful ease and the vibrance of summer in every sip

Tulsi Rose Elixir
Support your heart & feel at ease regardless of what comes your way

Calendula Flower Essence
Harmonize & support balanced communication and healing receptivity with the subtle but powerful healing that flower essences offer

Immune Tonic Tincture
Offer deep support to your immune system and keep the bad out

Healing salve
An all purpose reparative aid for healing bumps, bruises, cuts, burns & stings

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