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Thank you for your interest in ordering fresh herbs with us. If you are interesteding in biweekly or monthly orders of fresh herbs please visit our CSA page to see if thats the right fit for you.

While we do run a Fresh Herb CSA from May to October we are also open to orders of fresh herbs during the season from non-members.

You can either pick up from one of our locations in Florence, Brooklyn, or Cambridge – or we can ship the fresh herbs to you via UPS Ground. We harvest our fresh herbs in two week cycles, so if you are picking up from the farm in Florence there is one set of dates you’ll need to pay attention to for ordering, and if you are picking up in Brooklyn or Cambridge, or getting the share shipped to you there is another set of dates. More details below.

We update our availability list every week once the season gets underway and orders will need to be placed by the Sunday PRIOR to the delivery week.

How to order:

Visit our ordering page to place your order. Underneath each herb is an option for “Add-on” or by the pound, please choose those for yours as the “CSA Share” option is reserved for members.

Details for Picking up in Brooklyn, Cambridge or Shipping via UPS (Thursdays – every two weeks):

For pickups at one of our Brooklyn or Cambridge locations there is an $8 charge that you’ll need to add to your cart via the very first item on the page that says “Add Location to cart NON MEMBERS” and also is where you choose your pick up location.  There is a $30 minimum order for these deliveries. It’s helpful to email us to confirm your order.

For shipping via UPS, you can add the “Farm to Door” charge to your cart which will you charge you $25 for shipping, and we will follow up with you to adjust this number if needed depending on the size of your order and its intended destination.   There is a $30 minimum order for these deliveries.

All orders NEED to be placed by Sunday evening prior to delivery week. Please email us to confirm your order as well as to confirm your shipping address. We will use the address provided when you placed the order as a default if we don’t hear otherwise.

Details for picking up at Sawmill Herb Farm – Wednesdays (every two weeks)

Place your order by the Sunday evening prior to pickup on the following wednesday. It’s helpful to email us to confirm.


Check out the calendar below for dates. For example, for Brooklyn / Cambridge / Shipped orders for June 11th you’d need to place your order here by June 7th.

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