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Choose your herbs by Sunday evening to make it in time for the final delivery to Boston/Worcester/Brooklyn this October 18th and 19th!

Members: pick any combination of 5 fresh herbs and if you would like to add on extra herbs, use the “bulk item” option for each herb (when you click on an herb to add, there are two options: CSA Share and Bulk Item under the drop down menu). Make sure to add the first item “pickup location” to your cart with the correct pickup location marked. Remember to click Checkout and you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive the confirmation email it means we also didn’t get your order. Questions? Email Susan at We may need to make last-minute herb substitutions if necessary.

Non-members: Click on each item that you’d like and choose the bulk  item option for each. Bulk item options have prices listed for them, where as the CSA Share options are just for CSA members. Choose your pickup location and note that the herbs must be picked up during the time frame, no exceptions.  Make sure you receive the auto-confirmation email after you confirm the checkout.

Don’t forget page 2 for more herbs, seeds and tins/jars

Notes on this week’s offerings: 

Roots: All of the roots come washed but may have some soil residue on them so you’ll want to rewash them before using

Seeds: We are offering some of our seeds from the farm as un-guaranteed and uncleaned. They are what we use every year and have had success with, but many of the herbs are difficult to germinate so you’ll want to search online for germination details

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