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ORDER DEADLINE for this season’s fresh roots: Sunday October 27. 

Picking up at the farm? Use discount code PICKUP to remove shipping charges.

What to do with the roots? You can process the roots like any of the herbs from this season.  They are easily tinctured, dried, infused in oil, etc. If you want to dry them, I would recommend giving them a scrub to remove residual dirt, and chopping them into small pieces with a knife, scissor or pruners. Once they dry, they are much more difficult to chop, although a powerful blender can chop most types of roots.

About our ginger and turmeric: These are grown in the high tunnel and harvested at a younger stage than you might buy in the supermarket. These rhizomes don’t need peeling, and store well in the fridge for a week or so. We recommend chopping them and freezing for use all winter long. Or, freeze whole and when you’re ready to use some, leave on the counter for a few minutes and then shave off as needed. Its much easier to shave/grate the frozen root if its left out for a few minutes. Longer than that and it’ll get mushy.  If you haven’t had young ginger and turmeric before I recommend trying these, they are delicious and medicinal.

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