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CSA Members: Choose your 5 herbs by Sunday evening!  To pick your herbs, choose 5 of the “CSA Share” herbs which are listed at $0.

You can purchase additional herbs for your share by adding “Add-on” herbs to your cart. Email us with questions. Please add your pickup location to your cart too. Click on “page 2” and “page 3” for more herb choices!

Notes on the herbs:

black walnut comes as around 5 walnuts, maybe more depending on abundance

garlic comes as 5 small to medium sized heads.

Jewelweed and comfrey  – will arrive wilted

bitter melon – for add-on purchase only because the timing is tricky on this one. First come first serve and each order will be several fruits. If we don’t have it on harvest day we will refund it.

artichoke leaf will be two large leaves

bacopa – bag of leaves, flowers and stems (use all parts!) – might arrive slightly dirty

cockscomb celosia – bag of flowers

calendula – around 25 blossoms

We have an abundance of spearmint, catnip, anise hyssop and tulsi and are offering a sale on those when you purchase by the pound. Stock up now and dry enough to last you til next season. 

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