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Thanks for joining the Spring Add-on Share! Please read all the info below before you start choosing your herbs for the share. 

How it works: To start, add your pickup location to your cart (its the very first item on the page and should be the location you chose when you signed up for the share unless you’ve emailed us otherwise). Choose your five herbs that you purchased as part of the share by adding any combination of 5 items in to your cart (ex. 2 stinging nettle, 1 echinacea root, 1 comfrey root, 1 cleavers). All of the items on the page are available to you and as default are listed as “CSA Share.”

If you’d like to purchase additional herbs you can do that by adding “Add-on” items to your cart, roots are also listed by the pound those are add-on items too. After you finish, click “Checkout” and follow the process through to the end. If you are just choosing your 5 CSA Share herbs then the charge will be $0. You should get a confirmation email, if you don’t receive that then it’s likely you didn’t finish the checkout process.

Pickup info:

Wednesday May 1st at Sawmill Herb Farm in Florence, 12 – 6 pm

Thursday May 2nd at:

  • Radicle Herb Shop, Brooklyn 11 – 7 pm
  • Remedies Herb Shop, Brooklyn 11 – 7 pm
  • Curio Spice Shop, Cambridge 12 – 7 pm

How much is in a “bunch” of an herb? Sizes vary depending on availability but we like to give you enough of each herb to make medicine with. For example, for nettles we give out about a gallon size bag of tops. For dandelion root we will harvest a handful of roots.

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