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We are thrilled to be heading to the Herbstalk Harvest Fest on September 7th in Jamaica Plains and will be bringing our fresh-cut herbs and other herbal products for you.  We sell out at Herbstalk every year so please pre-order to ensure you get what you want. More details about this fun event here.

Everything we grow is certified organic. On this page you can order our fresh-cut herbs and if you’d like to add our dried tea blends and apothecary products navigate to this page and add them to your cart and use the code PICKUP to avoid paying shipping charges. Our apothecary items are only available through pre-order.

To view more herbs, keep clicking on “next page” to view more options.

Fresh-cut herbs: Prices are per bunch or bag unless otherwise indicated (for instance, a bunch is generally a big handful of herbs).

Click on the “Add-on” option under each herb to add it to your cart. 

Email us with questions at  See you at Herbstalk!


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